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About the Project

The book, Knowing Pains, was developed through the voluntary collaboration of scores of 40-something women, from the writers, editors, graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, to the web hosting and PR support.

Thirty-two women from twelve states contributed to this honest, funny and compelling collection. The writers come from a diverse background in business, medicine, education and the arts. Some of the contributors have children, some do not. Some are married, while others are single, divorced or widowed. Some have just crossed the threshold into their 40s, while others are nearing the end of this decade.

These professionals were united in their desire to amplify the collective voice of today's 40-something woman, as well as to raise funds for research and access to care for breast cancer. All net proceeds from book sales will go to a breast cancer non-profit.

About the Editor

Molly Rosen conceived the idea for Knowing Pains when she turned 40 and looked for this anthology herself. Upon discovering that the book did not exist, she took a career hiatus from a successful corporate career to develop it. She spent the first part of her career in Central and Eastern Europe during the tumultuous early '90s. She then spent 13 years in leadership and management development, most recently on the senior management team of BlessingWhite, Inc. Molly lives in Oakland, California with her husband and two children.

List of Contributors

Our Writers
Sonia Alison
Ana Ammann
Elizabeth Becker
Lauren Bogart
Robin Dougherty
Anita Drieseberg
Therese Gilardi
Tina Goette
Colleen Gregory
Ona Gritz
Esther Gulli
Elaine Hamill
Maria Hjelm
Erin St. John Kelly
Nancy Davis Kho
Vicki Larson
Jennifer Lear
Mardi Link
Kim Merkin
Kym Miller
Cari Shane Parven
Diane Perro
Samantha Pinney
Susan Reinhardt
Gabrielle Selz
Natalie Serber
Regina Sewell
Thea Singer
Amy Smith
Lori Stott
Stephanie Vanderslice
Edie Zusman